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ankle replacement surgery in leeds and harrogate

Ankle replacement surgery in Harrogate

After years of taking pain relief and the increasing immobility of my ankle I decided it was time to get medical advice. Mr Farndon on inspection of my ankle advised that it was possible to perform ankle replacement surgery and not totally immobilise the ankle, as I thought would be the situation.

The ankle replacement surgery in Harrogate has been a total success and I now have pain free mobility of about 90 percent in my ankle and regularly walk 5 to 10 miles without a thought. The ankle replacement has changed my life, I attend a gym again and also do Pilates weekly.

The follow up support from my surgeon has been great and I now only have annual check ups.

I would recommend anyone who was in my situation to visit Mr Farndon. His advice, surgery, and aftercare has totally change my life giving me back the ability to walk, drive, and enjoy my retirement pain free, which was becoming increasingly difficult, due to my arthritic ankle.

Ankle replacement surgery

Mark Farndon is an experienced surgeon, performing ankle, knee and 1st MTP (big toe) joint replacement operations.

Mark offers consultations to discuss ankle replacement surgery at Leeds Nuffield & BMI The Duchy Hospitals privately and at Harrogate District Hospital via the NHS.

Mark offers ankle replacement surgery at Leeds Nuffield Hospital, BMI The Duchy Hospital and the Harlow Suite on a private basis and at Harrogate District Hospital via the NHS.

Ankle replacement surgery is performed using the Corin Zenith prosthesis.  Read more at http://www.coringroup.com/patientcaregivers/your_ankle/

You can dowload a patient information leaflet for the Corin Zenith Total Ankle Replacement via the following link http://www.coringroup.com/document.php?o=229

Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust is participating in a national research project to collect information about patient experiences after ankle replacement surgery. You can read more about the OARS study, which is run by Arthritis UK by clicking the link below:

Harrogate joins Arthritis UK OARS study